Technical Artist & Game Developer



With a passion for Games, I have both the skill and love to make them. As an upbeat, recent game development graduate and team player with excellent communication skills, I envision an exciting future in the Gaming industry. Feel free to take a look at my work!



The Room of Dread View 1

Optimised Interior Environment

Unreal Engine 4 & Quixel

This project originally started off as a Passion project and was then used in my Thesis of Environment optimisation, Lighting and scene building.

Modular Dungeon

3DS Max

This is an environment Created on 3DS Max, that tested and prototyped the modularity of scene building.

Tethered Fate


Tethered Fate is a 2D puzzle platformer. I was part of a 6 person team consisting of 4 artists and 2 developers. Being myself and a peer.